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Future success of this concept is both compelling and measurable. *

This concept is closely aligned to a compelling strategy or purpose. *

A specific resource commitment (time, people, money) has been made to this concept. *

This concept leverages a strong brand. *

This concept leverages existing capabilities (technology, process, expertise). *

The chosen playing space (industry, market, segment, function, etc) for this concept is both open and attractive. *

The following questions relate to INGENUITY.

This concept addresses a clear and pressing unmet customer/user problem, need or pain point. *

This concept solves the customer/user problem in a unique and useful way. *

This concept features a"wow" factor with the potential to render existing solutions obsolete. *

The unique competitive advantages of this concept are extremely difficult or costly to copy. *

Critical risks and/or preconditions for success have been identified and can be tested early. *

The concept requires inventing/developing challenging new capability/technology. *

The following questions relate to SCALE.

There is a high level of confidence that this concept will replace current solutions used by a significant share of the target market. *

The addressable market/use case is large enough to support desired business gain (revenue, impact, value, etc). *

The market/use for this concept is likely to grow and continue growing at a significant rate. *

The business model for this concept represents compelling value for customers/users. *

The business model for this concept represents an opportunity to scale quickly. *

Success of this concept can be exploited for related future offerings. *

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